Warrant of Possession – the final stage of the tenant eviction process

As part of our stage 3 process we can issue a warrant of possession on behalf of the Landlord.

Upon the issue of the warrant of possession the court will allocate a date and will inform both ourselves and the tenant of the eviction date.

Should there be any concerns that the bailiffs will be met with threats of violence upon the tenant’s eviction we should inform the court of this when we confirm the eviction appointment.  The court will then make arrangement s for either a number of bailiffs to attend or for the police to be in attendance.

On the date of the tenant’s eviction the Landlord should attend with a locksmith and meet the bailiff at the appointed time.  Usually the tenant will have vacated, however if the tenant has not left the bailiff  will either ask them to leave the property immediately and take possession or will return later in the day by which time the tenant should have left.

Landlords should be aware that the county court bailiff will not enforce any county court judgment at the same time and therefore further enforcement action will be necessary.

Landlords should also be aware that a tenant can apply for the warrant of possession to be suspended at any time before the eviction date when the court will set the matter down for a hearing.  This will be the case even if possession has been obtained using mandatory ground 8 or via the accelerated possession procedure.

We at Solicitors4landlords will assist the Landlord in opposing any application to suspend a warrant of possession and will also apply to the Court for an order that the tenant pays the landlord’s additional costs.

Should you have any queries in respect of this or any tenant eviction matter please do not hesitate to call us on 01455 553945

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