Evict Tenant Online: Tenant Eviction By Bailiff

Tenant Eviction By Bailiff

Has the Court made a possession order but your tenants are refusing to leave?

We at Solicitors4landlords can help.

Warrant of Possession

We will issue a Warrant of Possession and inform you when your tenant will be evicted by a County Court Bailiff. On the day of the eviction you and a locksmith will need to meet the bailiff in order that the locks can be changed and the property handed back to you.

That is the end of the stage three process, however if you would like advice upon how to enforce any judgment obtained during stage 2 or regarding the return of the rent deposit or any further issues that you have please contact us on 01455 553945 or by emailing info@solicitors4landlords.com.

We Are Solicitors

Unlike many other organisations our team consists of specialist tenant eviction solicitors. We are regulated by the Law Society and promise that your matter will be dealt with by a solicitor from initial instruction to completion, avoiding delays and ensuring continuity.

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