Evict Tenants: Service of Notice

Requirements For Service Of Notice

Evict a tenant. Is your tenant at least two months in arrears of rent or have they breached another term of their tenancy agreement?

Has their tenancy come to an end?

Do you wish to obtain possession of your property?

Our team of specialist tenant eviction Solicitors can help. All we need is a copy of the Tenancy Agreement and details of any arrears.

Most tenancies are Assured Shorthold tenancies and therefore you need to serve either a Section 8 notice or a Section 21 notice to recover possession of your property.

Section 8 notices can be served where your tenant is at least two months rent arrears. The notice will give your tenant two weeks notice that they must either pay the total amount of the outstanding arrears or leave the property or you will issue eviction proceedings.

Section 21 notice

This notice can be served if:-

  1. The tenancy has expired
  2. The tenancy is to expire shortly
  3. If there is a break clause in the Tenancy Agreement.

This notice will give the tenant two months notice that you wish them to leave the property. Please be aware that if you have taken a tenancy deposit since April 2007 and have not registered the tenancy deposit within a prescribed scheme we may not be able to serve this notice.

For the majority of cases this is all the action you need to take. However please be aware that the notice must have expired before you can proceed to stage 2.

At Solicitors4Landlords we will check the terms of your tenancy agreement and advise you which notice to serve and thereafter draft and serve the notice by first class post upon your tenant within 48 hours.

Call 01455 553945 now for free advice or to proceed, or e-mail info@solicitors4landlords.com.

We Are Solicitors

Unlike many other organisations our team consists of specialist tenant eviction solicitors, we specialise in helping landlords to evict a tenant. We are regulated by the Law Society and promise that your matter will be dealt with by a solicitor from initial instruction to completion, avoiding delays and ensuring continuity.

Ready to buy?

We will need:

  • A copy of the tenancy agreement,
  • Details of any arrears,
  • A one-time fee of £95 all inclusive.

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