Evict A Tenant Online: Court Proceedings

Court Proceedings

Have either a section 8 notice or section 21 notice been served?

Has the notice expired but your tenant has not left the property or paid the arrears of rent?

Do you wish to issue possession proceedings to evict your tenant?

If so our Tenant Eviction Solicitors can help. All we need from you to issue the court proceedings is an up to date Rent Schedule (download here) and a copy of the Tenancy Agreement.

The price of just £850.00.

Please note that the above fee includes our fees and the court fees,

If court proceedings are issued using the Section 21 notice and there is no claim for rent arrears there will be no court hearing and therefore the process can be slightly quicker.

Possession Proceedings

We will prepare and issue the court proceedings and notify you of the hearing date. Depending upon the type of court proceedings issued we can know the hearing date within 24 hours. The hearing itself is likely to be within 4-8 weeks.

We will instruct a solicitor/barrister to attend the court hearing with you and at the hearing the advocate will request that the court award a 14 day possession order together with a county court judgment in respect of the arrears of rent, fixed costs and also that any rent deposit be released to you.

If you do not wish to attend the court hearing we can prepare a witness statement for an additional £85. We will file the witness statement with the court and serve a copy upon your tenant and contact you after the hearing with the outcome.

We Are Solicitors

Unlike many other organisations our team consists of specialist tenant eviction solicitors. We are regulated by the Law Society and promise that your matter will be dealt with by a solicitor from initial instruction to completion, avoiding delays and ensuring continuity.

Ready to buy?

We will need:

  • An up to date Rent Schedule (download here),
  • A copy of the Tenancy Agreement,
  • Our fee of £850.00
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